Itr8group needed to improve his online presence and position themselves as a prominent company in the software industry.  For this project I was tasked to design their site and come up with a solution that not only would display the services they provided but a site that would grow their business and customers.

I started conducting interviews to identify the user’s pain points and understand their goals and needs.  After having identified these points I proceeded to make actionable plans to align business needs and increase the site’s conversions.

Pain Points

  1. General design feels outdated.

  2. Navigation is not user friendly.

  3. Content doesn’t instill trust.

  4. Interaction on the site is minimal.

  5. Contact page is not intuitive.

  6. Not optimized for mobile and tablets.

  7. Site has broken links and content errors.


I started working with a set of ideas on paper to explore the multiple possibilities with the team, come up with a solution that would best suit the users and integrate these into the design phase.

Evaluation and architecture

After completing the initial round the team chooses the 5th sketch which had a simple and clean layout, prioritizing information in a hierarchy way so the consumers could follow a clear path, reducing the time it takes to navigate through the site.

Moving forward, we started to define the site’s architecture identifying the relationship between pages and visualizing what content needed to be produced.  This allowed stakeholders to understand the direction the site was heading and support the efforts to align the business goals.


Direct traffic increased by 63%.
Return of Investment (ROI) increased by 600%.
Time spent on site increased by 38%.