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These 5 steps will help you get into your client’s shoes


Understanding your client's goals and needs are the most important aspects of any business relationship if you want to maintain a positive and successful image about yourself or your company, follow these five steps.

1. Get the client on board
Start by giving them clarity regarding the work you are going to produce.  In an agile environment getting the client involved in the validation phase is key.  Make sure they know what’s happening behind curtains so your work does not seem as if it were done using some blood elf magic.  They are paying you good money so make sure they see the value of your work.

2. Treat every client as your most valued client
89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.” source 

Clients want to know they are valued and respected by your business.  Make sure everyone in your company is aligned to always provide full attention to them.

3. Communicate often and communicate value
A reliable customer experience can only be delivered by removing the internal focus and division between ‘customer-facing’ and ‘non-customer-facing’ groups and processes to deliver a single, unified experience to each customer.” — Don Peppers

When you are interacting with your clients aim to provide something of value.  This will help them see that you care for their business and that you are interested in helping them before you ask them for money.

4. Be efficient
When the client communicates something always respond in a prompt manner. If your client asks for something that you don't have the answer in that moment, quickly acknowledge the receipt of the email, and/or respond the call or chat with an answer that you are working on it.  This, in turn, will give the client a relief and comfort that their request is being evaluated.

5. Build trust
Building trust between you and your clients is the most important factor, in order to achieve a healthy business relation.  Never over promise, always deliver in time.  Be proactive and responsive.

If you put yourself in the client’s shoes, they will be willing to put their needs in your hands without doubt or hesitation and they will pay comfortably for the services you are providing.  Giving you more projects or referrals in the future.

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